The Turkish Cypriot Tobacco Industry Company Limited (KTTE) was established on 14 May 1975 in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with a capital of 4.000.000, -TL. The capital of the Company, which is TL 4,000,000, has been increased by transferring company resources with the resolutions of the General Assembly in the last period . From 1975 until 2008, TEKEL worked in partnership with Tobacco, Tobacco Products, Salt and Alcohol Businesses Inc and continued to produce raw materials and auxiliary materials while supplying them. Following the privatization of TEKEL brands in 2008, the company has signed a brand usage agreement with British American Tobacco (BAT) company and commenced to produce most Virginia, L & H, Most and fason brands belonging to the the agreement, as well as TEKEL 2000, TEKEL 2001 and SAMSUN 216 branded cigarettes.

The company has great contributions to the country’s economy. There is no debt to the state’s institutions, local and foreign capital, and saved values are saved within the country.

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